The Accidental Entrepreneur-30 Tested Ideas To Boost Your Income-Better Your Life.

There’s magic in these pages! No, not the abracadabra, magic wand rabbit out of the hat magic, but real magic, the kind dreams are made of. The kind that can only come from you as you discover a world where your abilities, creativity, talents, imagination and willingness to work hard can bring you your own part-time business where you are in charge and are limited only by your decisions. When you enter the world of The Accidental Entrepreneur, you enter a “no fluff zone,” with no outlandish schemes, systems and claims designed to do little more than take your money giving little if anything of value in return. Here, you will find more than 30 down to earth, tested, detailed step-by-step information for real world, everyday businesses that have worked and continue to work for others all over the country, and that you can operate from home and within your communities.

What were or are your dreams?  Perhaps one or more are in these pages. 


EXTRA! EXTRA!... Write For Your Hometown Newspaper  
COUNT ON ME!...Home Based Bookkeeper 15 
IT’S YOUR PARTY!...Small Events Planning   18
CRAFTY BUSINESS…Organize a Craft Show 23
LET THEM EAT (DECORATED) CAKE!...Professional Cake Decorator 30 
CRAFTY IS AS CRAFTY DOES…Crafts Instructor  34 
HOW CAN I HELP?...Services For Working People 36 
HOW MAY I SERVE YOU TODAY?...Virtual Call Centers  39 
TEMPORARILY YOURS…Temporary Office Worker   46 
TEACHER FOR A DAY OR LONGER…Substitute Teaching  49 
SPRUCE IT UP!...Residential Cleaning Service  51 
IT’S A DATE!...Date Night Chef  55 
YOUR PET IS MY PET…Pet Care  61 
RENT MY GREEN THUMB…Plant care-custom garden & seed starting  63 
I CAN DO THAT!...Freelance Handy Person   65
LUSH AND LOVELY…Lawn and Garden Care  68 
TAKE THE TOUR…Roadmap for Visitors and Tourists  70 
PICTURE THIS!...Photo Inventory  74 
SEW IT UP…Sewing and Alteration Service  77 
A BLAST FROM THE PAST…Historical Impersonator 79 
WHAT A DOLL!...Doll Making and Repair   81 
FILLING IN THE GAPS…Community Fund Raising 84 
IT WORKS!...Appliance Repair 87 
HAVE IT YOUR WAY!...Desktop Publishing 89 
THIS COMPUTES…Computer Technician, Repair and Teacher  92 
IT’S ALL IN THE DETAILS…Auto Detailing 94 
CHANGE OF LIFE…Furniture Refinishing and Repair  97 
SPEAKING OF…Writing A Newspaper Column 99
POSTERITY CALLS…Convert VHS Tapes to DVD  101 
WEIGHT AWAY   103    


The 30 ideas in this manual are simple, realistic and inexpensive. You probably already own some of what you’ll need to get started. These ideas cover the needs of families, individuals and small local businesses found in nearly every community. You will be serving your family, friends and neighbors with the products and services they need to keep their lives and businesses running pleasantly and efficiently, while earning an income for yourself.

My husband and I over the years have operated several of these part-time businesses, and the income came in handy when we both found ourselves unemployed. I was a professional chef, had my own catering business, and currently sell my gourmet breads and baked goods at local farmers markets, fairs and festivals. I continue to write for local newspapers and a local magazine. I have self-published three cookbooks and am currently working on a fourth cookbook as well as other book projects. Sean has a knife, scissors and small tool sharpening business, and is working on a manual that we will publish in the next couple of months..

If we can do it…why can’t you?

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain

                                                                                                                                                                                        Vivian Green